연번 제목 게재학술지명 출판연월 저자 중 참여교수 저자 중 참여대학원생
183 Visible-Light-Induced C-O Bond Formation for the Construction of Five- and Six-Membered Cyclic Ethers and Lactones ORGANIC LETTERS 201812 홍승우
182 Regulation of Protein Structural Changes by Incorporation of a Small-Molecule Linker INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 201812 이효철
181 Regiodivergent Ring-Opening Cross-Coupling of Vinyl Aziridines with Phosphorus Nucleophiles: Access to Phosphorus-Containing Amino Acid Derivatives ORGANIC LETTERS 201812 홍승우
180 Real-Time Monitoring of a Botulinum Neurotoxin Using All-Carbon Nanotube-Based Field-Effect Transistor Devices SENSORS 201812 최인성
179 Plasmonic hot carrier-driven oxygen evolution reaction on Au nanoparticles/TiO2 nanotube arrays Nanoscale 201812 박정영
178 Nickel/Briphos-Catalyzed Direct Transamidation of Unactivated Secondary Amides Using Trimethylsilyl Chloride ORGANIC LETTERS 201812 김현우
177 Mechanistic study of styrene aziridination by iron(iv) nitrides Chemical Science 201812 백무현
176 Iron Gall Ink Revisited: In Situ Oxidation of Fe(II)-Tannin Complex for Fluidic-Interface Engineering ADVANCED MATERIALS 201812 최인성
175 Hydrogen-Bonding-Assisted Ketimine Formation of Benzophenone Derivatives JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY 201812 김현우
174 Enhanced Catalytic Activity of (DMSO)2PtCl2 for the Methane Oxidation in the SO3–H2SO4 System ACS Catalysis 201812 홍순혁
173 Detection of Zinc(II) by a Fluorescence Chemosensor Based on Benzofuran in Aqueous Media and Live Cells BULLETIN OF THE KOREAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 201812 임미희
172 Compositional effect of two-dimensional monodisperse AuPd bimetallic nanoparticle arrays fabricated by block copolymer nanopatterning on catalytic activity of CO oxidation CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 201812 박정영
171 Applying Multivalent Biomolecular Interactions for Biosensors CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL 201812 정용원
170 alpha-MnO2 Nanowire-Anchored Highly Oxidized Cluster as a Catalyst for Li-O-2 Batteries: Superior Electrocatalytic Activity and High Functionality ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 201812 김형준
169 Visible-Light-Induced Pyridylation of Remote C(sp3)−H Bonds by Radical Translocation of N-Alkoxypyridinium Salts ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 201811 홍승우,백무현
168 The Achilles' heel of iron-based catalysts during oxygen reduction in an acidic medium Energy & Environmental Science 201811 김형준
167 Supporting Nickel To Replace Platinum on Zeolite Nanosponges for Catalytic Hydroisomerization of n-Dodecane ACS Catalysis 201811 유룡
166 Superior role of MXene nanosheet as hybridization matrix over graphene in enhancing interfacial electronic coupling and functionalities of metal oxide Nano Energy 201811 김형준
165 Single-Molecule Rotation for EGFR Conformational Dynamics in Live Cells JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 201811 송현준
164 Regulatory Activities of Dopamine and Its Derivatives towards Metal-Free and Metal-Induced Amyloid-β Aggregation, Oxidative Stress, and Inflammation in Alzheimer’s Disease ACS Chemical Neuroscience 201811 임미희
163 Rational Design of a Catalyst for the Selective Monoborylation of Methane ACS Catalysis 201811 백무현
162 Protein Structural Dynamics of Wild-Type and Mutant Homodimeric Hemoglobin Studied by Time-Resolved X-Ray Solution Scattering INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 201811 이효철
161 Palladium-Catalyzed Divergent Cyclopropanation by Regioselective Solvent-Driven C(sp3)−H Bond Activation ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 201811 백무현
160 One-pot synthesis of 2-naphthols from nitrones and MBH adducts via decarboxylative N-O bond cleavage Organic Chemistry Frontiers 201811 홍승우
159 Multiplexed Metabolic Labeling of Glycoconjugates in Polarized Primary Cerebral Cortical Neurons Chemistry-An Asian Journal 201811 최인성
158 Metal-free photocatalytic trifluoromethylative pyridylation of unactivated alkenes GREEN CHEMISTRY 201811 홍승우
157 Living Metathesis and Metallotropy Polymerization Gives Conjugated Polyenynes from Multialkynes: How to Design Sequence-Specific Cascades for Polymers JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 201811 백무현
156 Hydration thermodynamics of non-polar aromatic hydrocarbons: Comparison of implicit and explicit solvation models MOLECULES 201811 김형준
155 Carbon Monoxide as a Promoter of Atomically Dispersed Platinum Catalyst in Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution Reaction JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 201811 김형준
154 Area-Selective Atomic Layer Deposition Using Si Precursors as Inhibitors CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS 201811 박정영
153 Synthesis of gemcitabine-threonine amide prodrug effective on pancreatic cancer cells with improved pharmacokinetic properties MOLECULES 201810 홍승우
152 Synergistic Ligand Effect between N-Heterocyclic Carbene (NHC) and Bicyclic Phosphoramidite (Briphos) Ligands in Pd-Catalyzed Amination ORGANOMETALLICS 201810 김현우
151 Salt-Induced, Continuous Deposition of Supramolecular Iron(III)-Tannic Acid Complex LANGMUIR 201810 최인성
150 Roles of SnX2 (X = F, Cl, Br) Additives in Tin-Based Halide Perovskites toward Highly Efficient and Stable Lead-Free Perovskite Solar Cells Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 201810 김형준
149 Revisiting Arene C(sp(2))-H Amidation by Intramolecular Transfer of Iridium Nitrenoids: Evidence for a Spirocyclization Pathway ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 201810 장석복
148 Poly(amide-imide) materials for transparent and flexible displays Science Advances 201810 김우연
147 Pitfalls in Computational Modeling of Chemical Reactions and How To Avoid Them ORGANOMETALLICS 201810 백무현
146 Mussel-Inspired Defect Engineering of Graphene Liquid Crystalline Fibers for Synergistic Enhancement of Mechanical Strength and Electrical Conductivity ADVANCED MATERIALS 201810 박정영
145 MOF-Derived Bifunctional Iron Oxide and Iron Phosphide Nanoarchitecture Photoelectrode for Neutral Water Splitting ChemElectroChem 201810 박정영
144 Ir(III)-Catalyzed Stereoselective Haloamidation of Alkynes Enabled by Ligand Participation JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 201810 장석복
143 Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of C7-functionalized DMXAA derivatives as potential human-STING agonists ORGANIC & BIOMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY 201810 한순규
142 Copper-Mediated Amination of Aryl C-H Bonds with the Direct Use of Aqueous Ammonia via a Disproportionation Pathway JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 201810 백무현,장석복
141 Cell-Surface Engineering for Advanced Cell Therapy CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL 201810 최인성
140 Catalytic Access to Bridged Sila-N-heterocycles from Piperidines via Cascade sp(3) and sp(2) C-Si Bond Formation JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 201810 장석복
139 Ambient-pressure atomic force microscope with variable pressure from ultra-high vacuum up to one bar REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS 201810 박정영
138 Advanced Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Studies of a Ternary Complex of Copper, Amyloid-β, and a Chemical Regulator INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 201810 임미희
137 Activation of the Basal Plane in Two Dimensional Transition Metal Chalcogenide Nanostructures JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 201810 백무현
136 (+)-Dimericbiscognienyne A: Total Synthesis and Mechanistic Investigations of the Key Heterodimerization ORGANIC LETTERS 201810 한순규
135 Ultramicroporous Carbon Synthesis Using Lithium-Ion Effect in ZSM-5 Zeolite Template CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS 201809 유룡
134 Polarization Effect of Hot Electrons in Tandem-Structured Plasmonic Nanodiode ACS Photonics 201809 박정영
133 Pioneering Effects and Enhanced Neurite Complexity of Primary Hippocampal Neurons on Hierarchical Neurotemplated Scaffolds Advanced Healthcare Materials 201809 최인성
132 Palladium-Catalyzed Divergent Arylation of Triazolopyridines: A Computational Study Chemistry-An Asian Journal 201809 홍승우,백무현
131 One-pot bifunctionalization of unactivated alkenes, P(O)-H compounds, and N-methoxypyridinium salts for the construction of -pyridyl alkylphosphonates Organic Chemistry Frontiers 201809 홍승우,백무현
130 Molecular Identification of Cr(VI) Removal Mechanism on Vivianite Surface ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 201809 김형준
129 Low Temperature Synthesis of Lithium-Doped Nanocrystalline Diamond Films with Enhanced Field Electron Emission Properties Nanomaterials 201809 박정영
128 Kohn-Sham approach for fast hybrid density functional calculations in real-space numerical grid methods COMPUTER PHYSICS COMMUNICATIONS 201809 김우연
127 HS-1371, a novel kinase inhibitor of RIP3-mediated necroptosis EXPERIMENTAL AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE 201809 홍승우
126 Fabrication of Oligomeric Avidin Scaffolds for Valency-Controlled Surface Display of Functional Ligands ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 201809 정용원
125 Composition effect of alloy semiconductors on Pt-tipped Zn1-xCdxSe nanorods for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen generation Journal of Materials Chemistry A 201809 송현준
124 C-H Bond Addition across a Transient Uranium-Nitrido Moiety and Formation of a Parent Uranium Imido Complex JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 201809 백무현
123 Amphiphile self-assembly dynamics at the solution-solid interface reveal asymmetry in head/tail desorption CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 201809 백무현
122 A proton transfer network that generates deprotonated tyrosine is a key to producing reactive oxygen species in phototoxic KillerRed protein PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 201809 이영민
121 Synthesis and Biological Activity of Tetrameric Ribitol Phosphate Fragments of Staphylococcus aureus Wall Teichoic Acid ORGANIC LETTERS 201808 이희승
120 Stereocontrolled, Divergent, Al(III)-Catalyzed Coupling of Chiral N-Aryl Epoxy Amines and CO2 ORGANIC LETTERS 201808 김현우
119 Site-selectively Pt-decorated PdPt bimetallic nanosheets characterized by electrocatalytic property for methanol oxidation MATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS 201808 한상우
118 Scorpionate Catalysts for Coupling CO2 and Epoxides to Cyclic Carbonates: A Rational Design Approach for Organocatalysts JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY 201808 백무현
117 Reactivity of Morita-Baylis-Hillman Adducts in C-H Functionalization of (Hetero)aryl Nitrones: Access to Bridged Cycles and Carbazoles ORGANIC LETTERS 201808 홍승우
116 On the achievement of high fidelity and scalability for large-scale diagonalizations in grid-based DFT simulations INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF QUANTUM CHEMISTRY 201808 김우연
115 Nanotopography-Promoted Formation of Axon Collateral Branches of Hippocampal Neurons Small 201808 최인성
114 MFI zeolite nanosheets with post-synthetic Ti grafting for catalytic epoxidation of bulky olefins using H2O2 CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 201808 유룡
113 Instability of a Noncrystalline NaO2 Film in Na-O2 Batteries: The Controversial Effect of the RuO2 Catalyst Journal of Physical Chemistry C 201808 변혜령
112 Impacts of cation ordering on bandgap dispersion of double perovskites APL Materials 201808 김형준
111 Highly Regioselective and E/Z-Selective Hydroalkylation of Ynone, Ynoate, and Ynamide via Photoredox Mediated Ni/Ir Dual Catalysis ORGANIC LETTERS 201808 홍순혁
110 Heterolayered 2D nanohybrids of uniformly stacked transition metal dichalcogenide-transition metal oxide monolayers with improved energy-related functionalities Journal of Materials Chemistry A 201808 김형준
109 Feasibility of Activation Energy Prediction of Gas-Phase Reactions by Machine Learning CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL 201808 김우연
108 Experimental and Computational Study of the (Z)-Selective Formation of Trisubstituted Olefins and Benzo-Fused Oxacycles from the Ruthenium-Catalyzed Dehydrative C-H Coupling of Phenols with Ketones JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 201808 백무현
107 Enhancing hot electron collection with nanotube-based three-dimensional catalytic nanodiode under hydrogen oxidation CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 201808 박정영
106 Effective Formation of WO3 Nanoparticle/Bi2S3 Nanowire Composite for Improved Photoelectrochemical Performance Journal of Physical Chemistry C 201808 송현준
105 Conjugate Addition of Perfluoroarenes to alpha,beta-Unsaturated Carbonyls Enabled by an Alkoxide-Hydrosilane System: Implication of a Radical Pathway JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 201808 백무현,장석복
104 Charge-dipole interactions in G-quadruplex thrombin-binding aptamer PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 201808 이영민
103 Calprotectin Influences the Aggregation of Metal-Free and Metal-Bound Amyloid-β by Direct Interaction Metallomics 201808 임미희
102 A novel “off-on” type fluorescent chemosensor for detection of Zn2+ and its zinc complex for “on-off” fluorescent sensing of sulfide in aqueous solution, in vitro and in vivo SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL 201808 임미희
101 A hydro/oxo-phobic top hole-selective layer for efficient and stable colloidal quantum dot solar cells Energy & Environmental Science 201808 김형준
100 Thermodynamic versus kinetic control in substituent redistribution reactions of silylium ions steered by the counteranion Chemical Science 201807 백무현
99 Site-Selective C-H Bond Functionalization of Chromones and Coumarins Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry 201807 홍승우
98 Rationally Designing Regiodivergent Dipolar Cycloadditions: Frontier Orbitals Show How To Switch between [5+3] and [4+2] Cycloadditions ACS Catalysis 201807 백무현
97 Piers' borane- mediated hydrosilylation of epoxides and cyclic ethers CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 201807 장석복
96 Molecular generative model based on conditional variational autoencoder for de novo molecular design Journal of Cheminformatics 201807 김우연
95 Metal-semiconductor ternary hybrids for efficient visible-light photocatalytic hydrogen evolution Journal of Materials Chemistry A 201807 한상우
94 Iron-doped ZnO as a support for Pt-based catalysts to improve activity and stability: enhancement of metal-support interaction by the doping effect RSC Advances 201807 박정영
93 High-throughput chemical screening to discover new modulators of microRNA expression in living cells by using graphene-based biosensor Scientific Reports 201807 홍승우
92 Formal Giese addition of C(sp(3))-H nucleophiles enabled by visible light mediated Ni catalysis of triplet enone diradicals Chemical Science 201807 홍순혁
91 First-Principles Studies on Twinnability of Magnesium Alloys: Effects of Yttrium and Lithium on Compression Twinning Deformation Processes METALS AND MATERIALS INTERNATIONAL 201807 김형준
90 Enzymatic film formation of nature-derived phenolic amines Nanoscale 201807 최인성
89 Electrochemical Evidence for Two Sub-families of FeNxCy Moieties with Concentration-Dependent Cyanide Poisoning ChemElectroChem 201807 김형준
88 Effect of the metal-support interaction on the activity and selectivity of methanol oxidation over Au supported on mesoporous oxides CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 201807 박정영
87 Adsorbate-driven reactive interfacial Pt-NiO1-x nanostructure formation on the Pt3Ni(111) alloy surface Science Advances 201807 박정영
86 A rational method to kinetically control the rate-determining step to explore efficient electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction NPG Asia Materials 201807 김형준
85 Zeolite-templated nanoporous carbon for high-performance supercapacitors Journal of Materials Chemistry A 201806 유룡
84 Toward Perfect Regiocontrol for beta-Selective Cyclopolymerization Using a Ru-Based Olefin Metathesis Catalyst MACROMOLECULES 201806 홍순혁
83 Total syntheses of spirocyclic PKS-NRPS-based fungal metabolites CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 201806 한순규
82 The surface plasmon-induced hot carrier effect on the catalytic activity of CO oxidation on a Cu2O/hexoctahedral Au inverse catalyst Nanoscale 201806 한상우,박정영
81 Synthesis of alpha-(4-Oxazolyl)amino Esters via Bronsted Acid Catalyzed Tandem Reaction ORGANIC LETTERS 201806 김현우
80 Structural Basis for Transcript Elongation Control by NusG Family Universal Regulators CELL 201806 강진영
79 Polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane-conjugated bis(diphenylphosphino) amine ligand for chromium(III) catalyzed ethylene trimerization and tetramerization APPLIED CATALYSIS A-GENERAL 201806 홍순혁
78 Oxidation of Cymantrene Analogues of Ferrocifen: Electrochemical, Spectroscopic, and Computational Studies of the Parent Complex 1,1 '-Diphenyl-2-cymantrenylbutene ORGANOMETALLICS 201806 백무현
77 Nanocage-Confined Synthesis of Fluorescent Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Zeolite JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 201806 유룡
76 Metal-CdSe Double Shell Hollow Nanocubes via Sequential Nanoscale Reactions and Their Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution TOPICS IN CATALYSIS 201806 송현준
75 Isotope Effect of Hot Electrons Generated on Pt Nanoparticle Surfaces Under H-2 and D-2 Oxidation TOPICS IN CATALYSIS 201806 박정영
74 Hot electron generation on metal catalysts under surface reaction: Principles, devices, and application CHINESE CHEMICAL LETTERS 201806 박정영
73 Delineating Physical Organic Parameters in Site-Selective C-H Functionalization of Indoles ACS Central Science 201806 장석복
72 Boosting hot electron flux and catalytic activity at metal-oxide interfaces of PtCo bimetallic nanoparticles Nature Communications 201806 박정영, 유룡
71 A chiral aluminum solvating agent (CASA) for H-1 NMR chiral analysis of alcohols at low temperature CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 201806 김현우
70 Three-dimensional hot electron photovoltaic device with vertically aligned TiO2 nanotubes Scientific Reports 201805 박정영
69 Tailoring Hydrophobic Interactions between Probes and Amyloid-beta Peptides for Fluorescent Monitoring of Amyloid-beta Aggregation ACS Omega 201805 임미희
68 Synthesis of High Surface Area TiO2 Aerogel Support with Pt Nanoparticle Catalyst and CO Oxidation Study CATALYSIS LETTERS 201805 박정영
67 Strong contact coupling of neuronal growth cones with height-controlled vertical silicon nanocolumns Nano Research 201805 최인성
66 Selective Monomethylation of Amines with Methanol as the C-1 Source ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 201805 홍순혁
65 Reversible Oxygen-Driven Nickel Oxide Structural Transition on the Nickel(111) Surface at Near-Ambient Pressure ChemCatChem 201805 박정영
64 Polymeric Carbon Nitride with Localized Aluminum Coordination Sites as a Durable and Efficient Photocatalyst for Visible Light Utilization ACS Catalysis 201805 김형준
63 In Situ Observations of UV-Induced Restructuring of Self-Assembled Porphyrin Monolayer on Liquid/Au(111) Interface at Molecular Level LANGMUIR 201805 박정영
62 Hydrogenation of silyl formates: sustainable production of silanol and methanol from hydrosilane and carbon dioxide CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 201805 홍순혁
61 Four-fold Channel-Nicked Human Ferritin Nanocages for Active Drug Loading and pH-Responsive Drug Release ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 201805 정용원
60 Determining the Facile Routes for Oxygen Evolution Reaction by In Situ Probing of Li–O2 Cells with Conformal Li2O2 Films JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 201805 변혜령
59 Designing Redox-Stable Cobalt-Polypyridyl Complexes for Redox Flow Batteries: Spin-Crossover Delocalizes Excess Charge Advanced Energy Materials 201805 백무현,변혜령
58 Comparison of the Reactivities and Selectivities of Group9 [Cp*M-III] Catalysts in C-H Functionalization Reactions Chemistry-An Asian Journal 201805 장석복
57 Colloidal Clusters of Bimetallic Core-Shell Nanoparticles for Enhanced Sensing of Hydrogen in Aqueous Solution PARTICLE & PARTICLE SYSTEMS CHARACTERIZATION 201805 한상우
56 Catalytic Asymmetric Dearomatization by Visible-Light-Activated [2+2] Photocycloaddition ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 201805 백무현
55 A water-soluble fluorescence chemosensor for the sequential detection of Zn2+ and pyrophosphate in living cells and zebrafish DYES AND PIGMENTS 201805 임미희
54 Unraveling Direct Formation of Hierarchical Zeolite Beta by Dynamic Light Scattering, Small Angle X-ray Scattering, and Liquid and Solid State NMR: Insights at the Supramolecular Level CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS 201804 유룡
53 Tuning Structures and Properties for Developing Novel Chemical Tools toward Distinct Pathogenic Elements in Alzheimer's Disease ACS Chemical Neuroscience 201804 임미희
52 Strategic Advances in Formation of Cell-in-Shell Structures: From Syntheses to Applications ADVANCED MATERIALS 201804 최인성
51 Solid Electrolyte Layers by Solution Deposition Advanced Materials Interfaces 201804 김형준
50 Silylative Reductive Amination of α,β-Unsaturated Aldehydes: A Convenient Synthetic Route to β-Silylated Secondary Amines CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL 201804 장석복
49 Room temperature olefination of methane with titanium-carbon multiple bonds Chemical Science 201804 백무현
48 Reduced Graphene Oxide as a Catalyst Binder: Greatly Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Stability of Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 Photocathode for Solar Water Splitting ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 201804 박정영
47 Nano-Protrusive Gold Nanoparticle-Hybridized Polymer Thin Film as a Sensitive, Multipatternable, and Antifouling Biosensor Platform ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 201804 송현준
46 Multiscale Simulation Method for Quantitative Prediction of Surface Wettability at the Atomistic Level Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 201804 김형준
45 Link of impaired metal ion homeostasis to mitochondrial dysfunction in neurons CURRENT OPINION IN CHEMICAL BIOLOGY 201804 임미희
44 Hot electron flux at solid-liquid interfaces probed with Pt/Si catalytic nanodiodes: Effects of pH during decomposition of hydrogen peroxide CATALYSIS TODAY 201804 박정영
43 High utilization of methanol in toluene methylation using MFI zeolite nanosponge catalyst CATALYSIS TODAY 201804 유룡
42 Ga-Doped Pt-Ni Octahedral Nanoparticles as a Highly Active and Durable Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reaction NANO LETTERS 201804 김형준
41 Fragment-orbital tunneling currents and electronic couplings for analysis of molecular charge-transfer systems PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 201804 김우연
40 Cluster Expansion Method for Simulating Realistic Size of Nanoparticle Catalysts with an Application in CO2 Electroreduction Journal of Physical Chemistry C 201804 김형준
39 Chromophore-Removal-Induced Conformational Change in Photoactive Yellow Protein Determined through Spectroscopic and X-ray Solution Scattering Studies JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B 201804 이효철
38 Bifunctional 2D Superlattice Electrocatalysts of Layered Double Hydroxide-Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Active for Overall Water Splitting ACS Energy Letters 201804 김형준
37 Systematic Computational Design and Identification of Low Picomolar Inhibitors of Aurora Kinase A Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 201803 홍승우
36 Selective formation of gamma-lactams via C-H amidation enabled by tailored iridium catalysts SCIENCE 201803 백무현,장석복
35 RNA Polymerase Accommodates a Pause RNA Hairpin by Global Conformational Rearrangements that Prolong Pausing MOLECULAR CELL 201803 강진영
34 Reductive Carbocyclization of Homoallylic Alcohols to syn-Cyclobutanes by a Boron-Catalyzed Dual Ring-Closing Pathway ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 201803 백무현,장석복
33 Mixed Valence Perovskite Cs2Au2I6: A Potential Material for Thin-Film Pb-Free Photovoltaic Cells with Ultrahigh Efficiency ADVANCED MATERIALS 201803 김형준
32 Metal-semiconductor yolk-shell heteronanostructures for plasmon-enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution Journal of Materials Chemistry A 201803 한상우
31 Isotope- and Thickness-Dependent Friction of Water Layers Intercalated Between Graphene and Mica TRIBOLOGY LETTERS 201803 박정영
30 Insight into the Microenvironments of the Metal-Ionic Liquid Interface during Electrochemical CO2 Reduction ACS Catalysis 201803 김형준
29 In Situ Observation of Competitive CO and O-2 Adsorption on the Pt(111) Surface Using Near-Ambient Pressure Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Journal of Physical Chemistry C 201803 박정영
28 Hydrogen Generation on Metal/Mesoporous Oxides: The Effects of Hierarchical Structure, Doping, and Co-catalysts Energy Technology 201803 박정영
27 Efficient structural elucidation of microhydrated biomolecules through the interrogation of hydrogen bond networks PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 201803 김우연
26 Critically Examining the Role of Nanocatalysts in Li-O-2 Batteries: Viability toward Suppression of Recharge Overpotential, Rechargeability, and Cyclability ACS Energy Letters 201803 변혜령
25 Anomalously High Lithium Storage in Three-Dimensional Graphene-like Ordered Microporous Carbon Electrodes Journal of Physical Chemistry C 201803 유룡
24 Stereoselective construction of sterically hindered oxaspirocycles via chiral bidentate directing group-mediated C(sp(3))-O bond formation Chemical Science 201802 홍승우,백무현
23 Photoelectric Memory Effect in Graphene Heterostructure Field-Effect Transistors Based on Dual Dielectrics ACS Photonics 201802 한상우
22 Nanostructuring one-dimensional and amorphous lithium peroxide for high round-trip efficiency in lithium-oxygen batteries Nature Communications 201802 변혜령
21 Measurements of complex refractive index change of photoactive yellow protein over a wide wavelength range using hyperspectral quantitative phase imaging Scientific Reports 201802 이효철
20 Iridium-catalysed arylation of C-H bonds enabled by oxidatively induced reductive elimination Nature Chemistry 201802 백무현,장석복
19 Exfoliated 2D Lepidocrocite Titanium Oxide Nanosheets for High Sulfur Content Cathodes with Highly Stable Li-S Battery Performance ACS Energy Letters 201802 김형준
18 Excited state energy fluctuations in the Fenna-Matthews-Olson complex from molecular dynamics simulations with interpolated chromophore potentials PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 201802 이영민
17 Enhancement of Hot Electron Flow in Plasmonic Nanodiodes by Incorporating PbS Quantum Dots ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 201802 박정영
16 Enhanced catalytic activity for CO oxidation by the metal-oxide perimeter of TiO2/nanostructured Au inverse catalysts Nanoscale 201802 박정영
15 Divergent Pathways Involving 1,3-Dipolar Addition and N-N Bond Splitting of an Organic Azide across a Zirconium Methylidene ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 201802 백무현
14 Direct Observation of a Transiently Formed Isomer During lodoform Photolysis in Solution by Time-Resolved X-ray Liquidography Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 201802 이효철
13 Confinement of Supported Metal Catalysts at High Loading in the Mesopore Network of Hierarchical Zeolites, with Access via the Microporous Windows ACS Catalysis 201802 유룡
12 Benchmarking several van der Waals dispersion approaches for the description of intermolecular interactions JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 201802 김형준
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